The Beehive is the Nation’s First Campus for Opportunity Zone Businesses.  

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The Beehive is SoLa’s OZ business campus, comprised of 92,000 square feet of commercial space located only ten minutes south of downtown Los Angeles.  Comprised of six unique and architecturally beautiful red-brick warehouses, this project will transform the local neighborhood and economy in the true spirit of the OZ legislation as the “nation’s first OZ business campus.”

Located in the Goodyear Tract, The Beehive’s brick buildings are totems of LA’s industrial history.  The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company of California plant was constructed in 1919 at the corner of Central and Gage Avenues, catalyzing the area’s industrial development.  Numerous businesses in the manufacturing, shipping, and aviation industries called this area home in the decades following WWII.  One of the last — and certainly the largest — remaining concentrations of bow-truss red-brick warehouses, the real estate has been underutilized since globalization led to the decline of LA’s manufacturing sector in the ‘80s, leaving a rare collection of vacant Beaux-Arts and Mid-Century Modern buildings in its wake.

Each of the six buildings in SoLa’s Beehive has its own unique character and we selected names to reflect their individual personalities.  “Sawtooth” is named after its defining sawtooth skylights perched 14’-18’ above raw concrete floors.  “Winebrick” features original wooden bow-truss ceilings and original brick walls, which have become highly sought after by creative and design firms; and “The Depot’s” exposed steel structure and clerestory windows make for an inviting yet dramatic space.  The Beehive’s planned outdoor courtyard and garden will provide a much-needed “oasis” in the midst of the surrounding urban, industrial built environment.

Revitalizing South LA